Monday, November 18, 2019

McGregor's Theories and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Relation to Essay

McGregor's Theories and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Relation to Modern Marine Management Practices - Essay Example The role of managers can be interpreted as that of looking over or ensuring people work as expected. As a process, management aims at maintaining an environment where individuals can work together to meet the set targets (Koontz and Weihrich, 1990, p.4). A broader form of management gives different implications. One of these is that it assigns managers with the role of planning, organizing, staffing and leading. Secondly, management is not limited to specific groupings as it applies to any kind of organization. In addition to that, it applies to all managers regardless of the organizational level they are at. Also, the driving force behind every manager is to create surplus. Management also deals with productivity of an organization. Hence, emphasis is laid on effectiveness and efficiency.Also, the aim of organizational behavior is to help managers map out the organization’s future through a better understanding of human behavior (Hersey & Blanchard, 1996, p.80). Some of the k ey areas in management include problem solving, administration, human resource management and leadership of the organization. Organizations face challenges on a daily basis that affect its performance. Thus, it is the management’s responsibility to identify and analyze the problems then implement the necessary remedies. Administration, on the other hand, implies overseeing the implementation of the laid down procedures. Human resource management involves integration of human resource, analysis of workers and overseeing flow of ideas between an organization’s shareholders and its workers. Leadership looks into interpersonal relationship, personal integrity and management skills. Theories serve as perspectives which people use to get a better understanding of experiences that they face (Stoner et al. 1995, p. 31). These generalizations and principles give a framework that can be used to study a given area of knowledge. Several approaches have been given to management ana lysis. Thus, management theories have been formulated to explain and analyze the management process. Different conflicting views have been given and for this reason, some scholars refer to this situation as the ‘management theory jungle’ (Koontz, 1961: pp.174-188). Some of the theories that can be used to analyze management are McGregor theories and the Maslow hierarchy of needs. McGregor theories Douglas McGregor was an American social psychologist who came up with management ideas that he covered in his X-Y theory. This theory is commonly referred to in management and motivation. According to McGregor, there are two approaches to managing people (McGregor, 1985, p. 16). Many managers prefer to apply theory x which unfortunately gives poor results compared to theory y. a. Theory x Theory x is also known as the authoritarian management style. This management style is characterized by workers who dislike their work (Business Balls, 2012, p.1). These people have to be for ced to work with threats of punishment upon failure to meet organizational objectives. Also, such workers shy off from responsibility and prefer to be directed on what to do. Theory x managers are goal oriented and result driven. These managers are intolerant to epole that fail to meet deadlines. This leads them to act in aloofness and arrogance. These managers create a dictatorial environment where

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