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Mental Depression And Mental Health Counseling - 851 Words

During her time at Independent Living, she hasn’t encountered a large scale of crisis during her time as a mental health counselor. However, while receiving her mental health counseling degree, Hurricane Sandy occurred and she counseled the geriatric population after they were traumatized. She has faced several client crisis, one involved counseling a client who functioned within the Borderline Range of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities with Autism, Anxiety Disorder NOS and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. He was on a Behavioral Support Plan to address: property destruction, SIB, self-dialog, and obsessive compulsive behaviors such as hand biting (when agitated) as well as over eating and inappropriately accessing food. This client received psychiatric services to address his psychiatric issues. This client was on several psychotropic medications as well, during their counseling session he mad excuses by complaining about dizziness and/or stomach pain to avoid speaking. But after a few sessions she realized that his mother was constantly charging his medication without informing his support team and as his advocate she was able to do so. Donna seeked supervision for her consultant regarding and a meet was held to address the major concerns affects his counseling session. The medication providers and other support team staff informed his mother that medication needs as least three months to work in his system. His mother was changing his medication off ofShow MoreRelatedPhysical And Mental Health : An Essential Part Of A Person s Overall Health1262 Words   |  6 PagesDaily counseling with clinical psychologists helps a wide range of people globally with problems and issues in life. Some people develop particular emotional and mental health problems such as schizophrenia a nd depression, and that leads to the loss of productivity and efficiency of daily life. With the help of psychologist, people can improve their mental health conditions that will benefit the occupation of the individual and their personal life issues. By providing care and therapy, psychologistsRead MoreEthics, Counseling, And Counseling Practice891 Words   |  4 PagesAt some point in counseling, counselors will be faced with the decision to proceed in an ethical manner when situations arise. In spite of personal opinions, the use of ethical practice provides guidance, balance, and integrity in the counseling field. The use of the Gallagher survey reported deficiencies in counseling practice centers â€Å"between 1986 and 2008 where a total of 86 counseling centers had been the target of at least one lawsuit or another legal challenge due to unethical practices†Read MoreIntervention For Smokers With Depression1603 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom some background articles of th e study (2 articles). In Medline, the search was done through keywords (smoking cessation, depression and intervention) that lead to 5 articles, 2 of which were relevant and talked about an intervention for smokers with depression. Through Scopus and using MeSH terms, inclusion and exclusion criteria (MeSH terms: smoking cessation, depression, comorbidity and intervention) (inclusion criteria: articles, medicine, English language, adult, clinical trial and treatmentRead MoreHistory And Roles Of The Counseling Profession1173 Words   |  5 PagesMany counseling professions have been cultivated out of a gap in traditional subjects. Psychology is a great example of how a subject can develop into multiple branches like sociology or philosophy or counseling. Counseling in particular is a relatively new branch compared to the other social sciences and had a complex history on its path to becoming a respectable career. Despite its humble beginnings, individuals still benefit from couns eling. Counseling specifications allow a multi-team approachRead MoreCounseling: Mental Health Counselor1320 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿U03A1_ COUNSELING SPECIALIZATIONS AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAMS_ARezendes Resilience, an Evolving Concept: A Review of Literature Relevant to Aboriginal Research Resilience, an Evolving Concept: A Review of Literature Relevant to Aboriginal Research Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the history of counseling; specifically how school counseling and mental health counseling came to be. I will also examine the key philosophies of the counseling profession including, wellness, resilience, andRead MoreFamily Counseling Services Of Northern Utah1054 Words   |  5 PagesMission Statement: Family Counseling Services of Northern Utah (FCS) is a non-profit agency which has been dedicated since 1966 to improving the quality of life for residents of Northern Utah by providing affordable counseling to individuals, couples, and families regardless of their income. FCS first opened its doors on February 2, 1966 at a small apartment office in Ogden, Utah. The agency was founded in response to community surveys that recognized the need for a counseling agency to keep familiesRead MoreWith Mental Health Issues On The Rise, It’S No Surprise1519 Words   |  7 Pages With mental health issues on the rise, it’s no surprise that college students would seek help that is free and readily available on campuses. Yet, despite the 9.5% increase of college students, especially in freshmen, not all college campuses make it known that students can seek help for free in the way of support groups or campus counselors (Aikins). Issues such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are going untreated in students, leading to students dropping out or turning to self-harmRead More Recognizing Depression Essays1720 Words   |  7 PagesRecognizing Depression Going to college is a new chapter in a student’s young life. They will face greater academic demands, financial responsibilities, exposure to new people, and being on their own in a new environment. Someone that already has difficulty dealing with the daily stresses of life may become overwhelmed with new challenges and become depressed. People who have problems with depression have both mental and physical symptoms (Frye, 1942). Some mental symptoms that a person mayRead MoreEffects Of Depression On Adolescents And Adolescents1687 Words   |  7 PagesAdolescent Depression Introduction Depression is an illness that affects adults as well as adolescents. Actually, depression affects a great percentage of adolescents, more than one may think. One in five (20%) adolescents are experiencing some form of depression within their lifespan (Schwarz, 2009). There are many different forms of depression. From a major shift in behavior, constant feeling of helplessness, to a major influence as to why one is not excelling in activities that they once lovedRead MoreCommunity Description Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagespercent were Asian, 5 percent Black, and 44 percent Hispanic. The average age of undergraduate students is 23 years old (California State University Northridge , 2015). Key Health Issue According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 75 percent of all mental health conditions begin before the age 24 (National Alliance on Mental Illness, n.d.). This is about the time Americans attend college and or start their adult life, and when young adults are the most vulnerable among stressors of college and

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