Saturday, February 29, 2020


The policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour are such things as being a positive role model, showing respect to one another, praising children and young people, have and organised environment, setting boundaries, intervening calmly when an incident happens to stop the child or young person behaving in an unsafe way. 1. ) The importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting is to make sure every child within the setting is treated fairly for example if one child does something good praise him/her as you would any other child. Vice versa if a child’s behaviour is bad you must intervene calmly and explain what they are doing is wrong, and why it is wrong. All staff must work as part of a team and act with the same procedures to help the children develop knowing what is right and what is wrong. 2 2. 1) The benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour are that by promoting positive behaviour in the nursery they are much more likely to grown up knowing what is right and what is wrong, carrying it up into reception class and so on. Positive behaviour needs to be encouraged as the children need to know when there doing something really good e. . sharing their toys. If a child is constantly told off for negative behaviour, it will damage their overall self-confidence and they’ll begin to thin that everything they do is wrong. 3 3. 2) the sorts of behaviour problems that should be referred to others are things such as biting, this is more common in toddlers as they cannot talk or express their feelings its more difficult to control their emotions, if an older child bites ad continues to do so this should be referred to the ppropriate person. Aggression is also a behaviour problem, aggressive acts such as hitting another child for no reason needs referral. Change of behaviour in a child is another thing that should be referred this could be for a number of reasons such as abuse, any form of abuse could cause a child to change their behaviour, also things like family separation an bereavement and other issues could cause this. All these should be referred to your nursery manager or the person in charge.

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