Saturday, February 1, 2020

Life without computers Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Life without computers - Research Paper Example Paper work has been reduced and large data regarding inventories and customer records can be maintained daily. Speed, accuracy and reliability are the hallmark of this technology. Millions of transactions can be performed in a very less time as compared to days without computer. Therefore, it is evident that computer is the blessing of science and one can perform numerous tasks without physical involvement. This has set pace to the life and has almost made the life indispensible without computers. Computer networking has made data sharing very easy. Now people can share huge amount of data programs without any problem. In future, it is going to possible to connect hundred of devices to fulfill different needs. Shrinking size of computers and then technology of laptops has made it convenient to get out of the office and use computers. This helps in remaining in touch with the people of the outside world. Certain colleges in developed countries have also offered students to share data with other students using computer networking. Computer networking within an organization and then down to within an office has made the job easy. Huge quantity of data can be shared with each other while sitting thousands of miles apart. Close circuit television cameras (CCTV) are now used to cater for any security threat to important areas. These cameras are interconnected to computer through networking and then monitored with the help of computer screens (Weiser 97). Internet technology has enhanced the use of computers manifolds. Initially it was only used by US defense department for military purpose and after seeing success it was introduced to general people. This has truly changed the world into the global village. Still the advancement is unstoppable. Now the world has almost entered the age of digital connectivity. Internet has become indispensible to people in a very short time due to its number of functions. Because of its

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